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Default RE: Soldering Linkages

Here's my last 2 cents worth (unless I think of another):

I believe that solder joints fail because the harder, more massive of the two components to be soldered didn't get hot enough to bond to the solder. Take soldering a 4-40 wire to a metal clevis for example:

The wire and the clevis might get hot enough for (1) the solder to properly bond to the thinner clevis and (2) for the solder to melt and run. But, being more massive, the wire doesn't get hot enough for the solder to bond to it. That joint will fail quickly.

When I solder such a joint, particularly when it's a critical joint such as a wire to a clevis to control an elevator, I do as darock does, I try very hard to pull the joint apart. If it's a good weld/solder joint, you won't be able to pull it apart.

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