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Default RE: Transitional Pitched Prop???

Ed said it very well: "a prop does not have less pitch near the tip. It has less angle, but the pitch is the same unless it is one of the multi-pitch props." Like 2 bolts with the same number of threads per inch but one has a larger diameter. The threads on the larger diameter bolt will not spiral up the shaft as steeply, but both bolts will screw in the same distance in the same amount of turns.

The big thing to realize about props is that they are just wings that fly in a circle. Just as there is as may different wing designs as there are aircraft designers, there are as many prop blade variations as there are prop makers. It takes much more than just span and chord to define a wing, and similarly it takes much more than just diameter and pitch to describe a prop. Each different maker tweaks the blade at every station to better achieve their intended result. Assuming that one prop maker's pitch number compares to another maker's pitch number is like assuming that one airplane's airfoil compares to another's.

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