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Default RE: Sheldon's Hobbies

Just got through to Sheldon's hobbies today after seven days of trying.

Apparently sometimes they just "Turn the phones off" for a week or so cos they've got things to do.

Apparently they tried to email me but the email address was bad, he can't tell me what that email address he tried was....codswallop I say. I check and recheck all my information BEFORE submission, there's too much money riding on this for me to stuff that up. I also faxed my queries regarding the order to Sheldons providing an email address on that as well, they never answered.

They don't provide an email address to contact because people keep contacting them in regards to their order (surprise surprise, the hassles of running a mail order business.)

They do not provide tracking numbers.

and they are very unfriendly when finally answering the telephone.

If ordering via the internet, I would keep my distance next time, these guys make me feel pretty uneasy. Maybe their over the counter demeanor and methods might be better, but if these guys find internet orders to be so much of a burden perhaps they shouldn't put themselves themselves online.

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