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Default RE: Sheldon's Hobbies

I have dealt with Sheldon's too. Some good experience and bad. My first order was shipped OK no problems. The next order I got a muffler that was not what I ordered. When I called about it I was told to read the paperwork and that would explain all. When asked about cost of shipping the mistake back they said they would consider it when everything was in. It was only $3 or so to ship back but no big deal. A couple weeks pass and no muffler. I call and they can do nothing until I produce an order number. Another call with order # and they tell me the piece is not in stock, they do not know when it will be available and that is all they can do. I got my muffler in about 2 months.

Another time I called Sheldon's to place an order. I asked if the have it and they can't tell until it ships. What??? Partial order ships with no documentation of back order or explanation. A call to them with order number only produces a short we do not have it, when we get it we'll ship it, thank you very much. I did get it about a few weeks later. I guess I've always got satisfaction from Sheldon's but never service.

Regardless of what you think of Tower, Hobbico, Great Planes syndicate they do it well. When a mishandled shipment resulted in a broken bottle of paint and some paint soaked parts a phone call quickly resolved the issue. A woman looked up my order with just my name, offered to replace all the items based on my word and next day air everything but the paint (shipping regulation). All this when it was obviously the post office's fault ( paint was still wet on outside of box).

On the Muffler from Sheldon's, I called Tower to see if they had one and they did not. However the person told me when item was expected in stock and even told me the manufacturer was moving as reason for out of stock. They then emailed me when the muffler was in stock, even though I did not place an order. A few weeks after the email Sheldon's shipped me the muffler.

Some companies meet their obligations and other exceed expectations. The reason Tower is so dominating is they just do it better (mail order that is) than anyone else.
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