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Default RE: ARF vs Kit build?

Ya this subject will probably get heated. I does kinda get me when people day they built this ARF, and when guys have such trouble putting in a radio, which is the only thing you have to think about in an ARF, then with computer radios even that doesn't take much thought. Building in reallity I've found doen't take much skill really. It's simply a lot of small tasks. In most cases if you really screw something up you can correct it with little notice. Of course with experiance you can modify the kits to suite what you've found works best for you. Some Mods I've found difficult to do with ARF's since you can't really work through a fuse side without destroying something. Things like linkage position and internal anntenna routing. The true benifit of build are you can really say you build it, and two you learn so much about how the model works and functions, you figure out why thing are this way or that. Just start with a simple kit then work up. The tower uproar kit is the simplest kit I've put together. Morris Hobbies Balsa Nova is one of the most ingenouse kits as far a functionality is conserned I've seen. In fact most kit mods I now use on all my kits and ARF if I can is based on it's control set up. Scale Wars birds with curved tails and fuses can get a little weird on the first one. woudln't reccomend one as a first kit but are still easy builds. Top Flite kits make it as easy as posable

the only downfall I found in kits is it cost more. Subsiquently scartch building cost more than kits. I've done a couple scrtch builds and don't really care for it. Kudos to the guys that do. I prefer building a kit.
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