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Default RE: ARF vs Kit build?

Build, assemble, Webster seems to think they both mean about the same thing. Even my thesaurus lists assemble as a synonym for build. Either could be applied properly to an ARF or a kit. Both require the combination of parts, one just has fewer parts. However, I personally feel that the word "assemble" implies some form of prefabrication, while "build" is more generic. But I also could care less. Build, assemble, slap together, construct, re-con-bobulate, whatever. Besides, both ARFs and kits both "un-assemble" or "un-build" the same way on impact, or would that be re-ARF and re-Kit?

I do however agree that ARFs don't require the time or skill of a full kit build, but that is the whole point behind an ARF. The owner gets a quick plane that may be beyond the skill of what they could have build on their own. I see nothing wrong with that. However, I believe some skill is important in building, er assembling, an ARF. While anyone can slap the ARF together, it does require some skill to end up with a straight good flying plane. Cheers.
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