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Default RE: spinner for moki 2.10?

Dave Brown has nice aluminum spinners for the Moki 2.10. The Vortec I think. Tell him what you need the back plate reamed to (12mm). Also ask him which prop adapter goes with that engine, I think it's the medium length one but he knows for sure. Also tell him what prop you want it cut for. I usually tell him to cut it for a prop that will be bigger than the one I intend to use (so that any prop will fit....tell him to cut it for a Menz 22x8 for example....the Moki 2.10 really uses a 20x8 prop). His prices are much better than Tru turn and the spinners are pretty nice.


PS: As the previous poster said, don't over tighten the spinner cone bolt. Grip the short end of the allen wrench to tighten with two fingers and it will never be too tight.
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