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Default RE: ARF vs Kit build?

Build vs. assembled in regards to ARF's.

This is just a mis application of a "word" and I feel means very little.

Does it really matter ? The results are pretty much the same.

If someone says they built an ARF , then in their own mind perhaps
they did and they used all the skill they possess to do so.

If I hear someone say they "built" their ARF instead of "assembling" it,
so what. Apparently they don't know the difference and I'm not going to
tell them so I can avoid a pissing contest.

Usually the ones who use the term build when it comes to ARF's haven't
been around too long . With more experience over time they'll eventually
get it rite. The rest of us who know better will just have to be patient
until they get up to speed.

Just my opinion,
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