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Default RE: ARF vs Kit build?


Ok, sorry had to get that one out 1st.

Kids in the 30's "built" "kits" that were nothing more than blocks of balsa with printed profiles. They'd carve and sand, carve and sand. This pretty much was it unless you had the $ to buy Cleveland products or the like that actually had parts that were diecut and had the balsa stringers cut pretty much to length. These hobbyists were true "builders"

WWII halted just about every private sector endeavor until VJ Day. Model magazines kept the fires burning until the boys came home. The industry boomed and companies started turning out kits that took the building process to the next level. People were crazy about conveniences. The war had taught folks to sacrifice for the cause but now, the push was on for easy-this and faster that. Think McDonalds and other fast-food joints as examples.

The model industry started the drive to bring their products to as many people as possible by making their products attractive, easy to "build" and more flyable. ARF's simply continue that tradition. The masses need easy, convenient and cheap. ARF's fulfill most of these basic requirements. To berate or belittle a guy that isn't savvy with an X-acto or that doesn't own band saws, table and scroll saws is unfair. There is something for everyone, (even electrics).

I've been "building" kits since I was 12. I've "scratch-built" from plans. I've bought and "built" ARFs that were so bad,(Chinese) that to describe them as ARF is false advertising, LOL....

I'll never say "assemble". To me that sounds like working on the line at Ford or something. I really don't think that a kid claiming to have built a PTS Mustang is any threat to an old fart like me that's been slicing up his fingers for years, messing with balsa wood and sharp instruments.

Just my 2 cents worth....

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