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Default RE: ARF vs Kit build?

You got that right-having fun is the name of the game. I've been flying glow powered models since 1950 and built solid and stick models for both display and rubber powered flying before that. I remember early kits gave you a sheet with the ribs printed on the wood. You had to cut them out. I also remember when die-cutting came out and people saying that wasn't building because you didn't cut the parts out. sounds like the same argument to me.

As for "assembling" vs. "building" an ARF, someone once told me that when he built an ARF, he reinforced the firewall at least with tri-stock or fiberglass and epoxy. Sometimes he added a firewall "cover" of 1/8 5-ply. He would reinforce under wing hold down blocks or change them completely. Landing gear mounts were reinforced and if it had retracts, he tore all that out and replaced it with his own mounts and gear. Servos would be relocated. The tail wheel was normally replaced and tail reinforcing added. Many times he peeled the wing covering back and glassed the wing center section. Of course, all the hardware and fuel tank were replaced.

After he finished telling me what he had done to one certain plane, I conceded that he "built" the ARF. I admit to reinforcing mine, but I have yet to cut the firewall out, add large tri-stock behind it, reinstall it then fiberglass around the nose with 30-minute epoxy and heavy glass cloth. Maybe rebuilt, revised or enhanced is a better definition, but he sure didn't just assemble it per the plans.
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