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Default RE: Home made weights


I believe that the guidance that you got to spread the weight around is wrong.

To minimize the total amount of weight that you need to put in the plane, the weight should be put at the location farthest away from the CG - or if laterally balancing as far toward the wing tip - as is possible. Spreading the weight around and therefore NOT concentrating it where the lowest amount will do the most good will only result in a heavier plane.

As to the comment that the reason for spreading the weight around is "so that you don't end up wearing a hole in the balsa" is wrong also. The only way that the weight will wear a hole in anything is if it is moving and rubbing against a fixed surface, and if it is moving then the plane is constantly changing balance and trim settings.

Finally, I don't agree with simply using tape to install weight, as any tape will loosen from the surface when the g loads of the flight are acting against the weights. It's OK to use tape to hold down something light such as servo wires which have virtually no mass and therefore g forces don't add up to enough to pull the tape away from the surface. I suggest that if possible you connect the weights firmly to the part of the plane where it is needed by bolting it to or through a structural member or at the very least epoxying it in.
What he says is good advice. Concentrate it, and securely fasten it.
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