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Default RE: Home made weights

OK, "wearing a hole" in the balsa was the wrong wording, but it still applies. Rubbing is not what I was talking about. However, this guy is new. He will have many rough landings ahead. Why don't you put about 4 or 5 ounces of very dense dead weight epoxied to the balsa floor of a model, and make a few rough landings. I guarantee you, inertia will take over, and the floor of that model will eventually break apart.

If you don't believe me, then try it. By spreading the weight around, I wasn't suggesting a weight here, and a weight there--eveny distributed between the CG and farthest point fore or aft. It was merely an attempt to suggest using lower density weight. Any moron with any sense at all could figure out to put it as far away from the fulcrum as possible--in order to minimize the amount needed.

I also recommended doubling the floor with some light ply, or even a ply box epoxied into place to help strengthen the area where the weights will be placed.

Crap, guys, he may only need a washer or two. He didn't even say how much we're talking about here.

Also, taping the weights in place is perfectly acceptable--especially for a temporary solution. If you had real hobby weights, you could just tape them in place (even on the outside of the fuse) for a few test flights. Then, once you are satisfied with the location of the CG, then you can more permenantly mount the weigts into the INSIDE of the fuse--by any one of the methods mentioned above. You are on the right track. Use some common sense.
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