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Default RE: Ace Hobby Distrubtors - Crooks?

By the difference between original post time and retraction post time it seems like you were awful fast to bash Ace. Wouldnt it have been better to wait for their response before you complained? Actually you didnt even complained, you flamed them! I think folks are too quick to criticize sometimes.

I crashed a plane with a TT pro 25 and when I took the engine apart to clean it I acidentally broke the little metal tab that keeps the high end needle setting. I contacted customer service for TT and they sent me a replacement for free even though I had broken it. I cant remember if that was Ace or not but needless to say it seems to me that customer service for TT is pretty good.

All that to say, it would be a common courtesy to at least try and get everything worked out before accusing someone of being a crook.
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