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Default RE: Home made weights

ORIGINAL: Gringo Volador

ORIGINAL: huggins

A friend of mine put a trailer hitch ball in the nose of a Skybolt
That seems like an incredible amount of weight.

I cant imagine what kind of build would require that much weight or even where you could put a trailer hitch ball inside of an airplane.
It is indeed true. It is a Great Planes Skybolt which I believe has a reputation for being a little tail heavy anyway. He is a great flyer and a great friend, but a craftsman.....he ain't! He covered it with fabric and then painted it. Oh, I don't believe he used any sandpaper during the build either. It came out incredibly tail heavy. Anyway, it took a that much weight to get it to balance. I don't think that it flies that great either......maybe it has something to do with being so heavy I always refer to it as his "Skybrick". He did eventually put a bigger engine in it and removed the hitch ball, but he still had to add dead weight.

2slow2matter - I agree with you on the battery issue. I was a little concerned about that when he told me about it. Like I said.....resourcefull!


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