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Default RE: Home made weights

I used pennies to balance my Daydream 2M sailplane. When I was purchasing everythiing for the plane I read in the manual that installing mini servos would reduce the weight and allow for better thermal soaring... Well as it turns out, the design of the plane ends up being fairly tail heavy, so I ended up having to put about oh.. 2 full size servos worth of pennies in the nose of the plane...
go figure ;D. AFTER I got all done I read the reviews for the plane on this page, 2 people said to use normal servos as you have to add nose weight anyway... Live and learn, right? To keep the pennies together, I used black electrical tape at first, then after I had the final amount, I epoxied them all together. I keep them in place in the plane with a large chunk of velco so that I can move the weight around to get my hi-start launches correct depending on wind conditions (I think.. going to be doing my first hi-start launches this weekend.. if there is sunlight to keep the rubber warm )
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