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Default RE: Cox Fairchild 24 2ch R/C... Is it worth anything???

The "New Kit Collector Price Guide" shows the following entry for the model:

Cox Fairchild 24 w/o radio: $110.00 - $185.00

The gentleman this website belongs to seems to do a good job and updates it often. That being said, remember this is only a guide. Supply and demand is the real price setter. If you put something up for auction for instance, you may find only luke warm interest, or it may be seen by someone that has been looking for exactly that item and is willing to pay just about any price to get it. But a venue such as eBay is a pretty good way to sell. A lot of people watch eBay for specific items and usually the Cox items do well. A lot depends on your photos, your description, the condition of the item, and the category it's listed in (I bought a large, framed, artist-signed print of a really popular artist a few years ago on eBay and got it for only $50. I think it went so cheap because it was listed in the "Egyptian Art" catagory but it had nothing to do with Egyptian art. It was one of those "lucky" finds for me).

You can see the New Kit Collector Price Guide at this URL:

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