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Default RE: Cox Fairchild 24 2ch R/C... Is it worth anything???

When I saw your post, I almost went nuts!

About 5 years ago I came across one of these things...It was partly put together and it had no radio equipment. It got me into the hobby... I learned as much as I could putting the little cute thing together and I taught myself how to fly on it, even though most people told me I was an idiot for trying.

After many many flights I moved up to a "real" airplane and totally trashed the Fairchild. Ever since that day I have regret it. I didn't realize what I had. Even when I owned it, it had been out of production for 10 years. I wish I would have kept her...

I am not so sure it's a collectors item, but you might want to hold onto it.

Oh, all the memories!!!
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