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Default RE: 2006 Design Contest Official rules


Ah yessss... I too love the smell of castor in the morning. However, I've out grown the need to chase down a field in Bum%$&* Egypt just to fly because of noise complaints. Also, as an IC pilot, have you ever gone for a 5 minute quickie flight that involved getting out of your car, immediately doing a radio check and flying, then landing and immediately putting your plane back in the car- less than 2 minutes total on the ground from when you parked your car to when you drove away? I enjoy not having to worry about spending more time on the ground fueling, starting, and cleaning my plane. I also don't need to worry about fuel going bad or needing to change the fuel I run or tuning because the weather said to. I could go on...
I wasn't trying to start an IC vs. voltage war here with my post. I just wanted to see if anyone else felt the same as myself or if he or she might know of a contest that I don't. As I see it, 1/2a planes are a bit of a minority. It shouldn't matter whether it's IC or electric powered. The 1/2a community needs to stick together.

(E-vovled 1/2a plane designer/flyer) <----------- Maybe that's a better description.
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