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Default RE: 2006 Design Contest Official rules

I sure could go there, but this is where the small 1/2a community is- E or IC. Not to mention... why go somewhere else when the forum header mentions electric RIGHT IN THE DESCRIPTION!

"1/2 A" & "1/8 A" planes & aircraft
These are the small ones...more popular now than ever...small glow motors or electric power..discuss 'em here.


I could really whine and say that if this is a "1/2a Forum Contest" then it should be opened up to electrics since it's in the forum description, but I'm above that. I'll leave the 1/2a world to you IC guys if that's what you want. I still hold my opinion. 1/2a needs to stick together. If the community is not a minority, then why is the contest open to all types of airframes? Maybe because the participation is too small to break it into classes?????

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