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Default RE: 2006 Design Contest Official rules

I understand. However, I can fly all day too... and I have. I can also get a quick flight in during lunch, or before that storm comes or just because the setup is non-existent. No need to say "electric thing" I never mentioned "Slimer" because I'm being rational and mature. If what you may not understand scares you then open your eyes and ears. You may learn something. I'm not some video game junkie and I don't appreciate the implication that I am one (meaning an immature little mama's boy). If that's what you're getting at. Sorry Tim I'm also NOT your "son."

It's easy to limit the electrics. Although batteries have gotten lighter and electrics now equal if not surpass glow performance, the size of plane can dictate the power output alone. You can also set an amperage draw limit. Amperage draw is proportional like IC size is. I'd say 25amps max would be equal to a 1/2a IC output.
Again, I'm not asking you to change the rules. I'm getting the feeling that the judging would biased anyway.

No. An IC plane would not be allowed in an E plane contest. It's not electric. That said, read my previous post about the 1/2a forum description.

Its seems that there is a lot of animosity toward electrics in here for whatever reason. It may be plain ignorance or maybe jealousy. Someday the cow pasture your club rents will close you down because of development and noise abatement or any number of reasons. Then you will have to drive farther away and then again farther away. I've been there and seen it. Here in Sunny San Diego AND in rural Arkansas. More in Arkansas. Nobody is safe. The planes that can fly in small areas are the ones that will be fun, BUT they will have to be quiet.

My $.03
With regret and hope for better understanding, I concede...
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