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Default RE: 2006 Design Contest Official rules

I agree that 1/2A is very much a minority, but small electrics certainly aren't. I can tell by the tone of your last post that you are getting offend, but please don't feel that way. I fly glow and electrics, yet I like having this contest as is. Don't think that this forum is anti-electric; its full of a great bunch of guys. I've gotten more positive comments about my electric designs in this forum than I ever have in any of the electric forums. You could build an entry with a glow engine and when the contest is over, replace it with an electric.

As for the sarcastic comment about breaking it into classes. Read through the previous years and you'll see what it's all about. Some people have suggested it into classes, or make it more competitive in other ways, but the general consensus has been to keep the competitive aspect low key to encourage people to scratch build.
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