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Default RE: 2006 Design Contest Official rules


If what you may not understand scares you then open your eyes and ears. You may learn something. I'm not some video game junkie and I don't appreciate the implication that I am one (meaning an immature little mama's boy). If that's what you're getting at. Sorry Tim I'm also NOT your "son."

Its seems that there is a lot of animosity toward electrics in here for whatever reason. It may be plain ignorance or maybe jealousy.
Gees dude take it easy for goodness sake!!! I think your post took it over the line. I was not calling you a little snot nosed wet behind the ears baby boy but that is the way you just came across son. I can take it to that level if that is what you want t o do.

Just so you know I am well versed in what it takes to get a 140mph+ e-powered hotliner in the air so I am sorry to tell you that little electrics do not scare me.

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