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I believe 9. is an Immelman, rather than a Split S. Wish they would get the text version out soon, would avoid allot of confusion on the names of the figures, wouldn't it.

In the 2006 Basic Known program it lists numbers next to each figure. Figure 1 has 1.1.1,, 2 / 8 and 10. What do these numbers mean?

Also just to make sure I read it correctly, the 2006 Basic looks to me as 1. Roll 2. Humpty Bump (pull pull) 3. Reverse Cuban 8 4. Loop 5. Hammerhead 6. Reverse Shark tooth with 1/2 roll on the up line 7. Figure 9 8. cuban 8 9. Split S 10. 1 1/2 spin. Is this right?

Thanks in advance.
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