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Thanks Paul! It is nice to see the common mistakes listed along with the figure. I'm guilty of using a bit of torque to complete my hammerheads at times. That is a problem area for me as are the 1/2 rolls on the 45 lines. I keep on changing my line. Maybe I won't get a complete 0 the first time anyway. LOL

I have been practicing on the sim mostly working on remembering the sequence and positioning. One thing I have been doing is performing the HB in figure 2 just to the side of center. This means I don't have a huge line over the center to get to the start of the Rev. Half Cuban 8. I don't think it should matter where it gets performed as far as scoring is concerned, right? I just didn't want a big dead spot.

Mike, Thanks. I saw my mistake and I'm all corrected now.
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