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Default RE: Ziroli F6F Hellcat Builder's Diary

Ram, Hey great! Small world. Didn't know you guys were hooked up already. Makes me real happy to know you're with us on it . I've been real excited about the build already. The plane is such a great one to really scale out as there's just so much going on on the surface with the rivets and lines and cowl and canopy, etc. Seeing all the gear that's going into it got me going a bit more, as I can sort of envision things a bit better about the whole thing and how beautifully it will work mechanically as well. Looks like a great opportunity for us to get the Dora's together with the Hellcat this summer. After we're done painting all these things we'll get them all lined up in a circle in my driveway and take a shot.....should be about a dozen pretty awesome warbirds in there with all of our efforts of the last couple years put in there with them...right now the shot should include Hellcat, Bearcat, IMP Dora, 2 Holman FW A's, Airwold FW, TF GS F4U, Bates P40, 1/5 Spit, 1/6 ME109, 1/6 FW A model, Don Smith ME110. Should be neat. All but the Spit and the P40 and 109 need paint. Big spring painting, but should be much simplified by the similarity of many colors on the birds we're doing. The detailing is the working part, so that's gonna take lots of time...Hence the excitement to get things to an airframe stage like the rest.

Mace, no problem on the kudos. Love pumping up a good quality product like this. The Bearcats went together great.
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