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Default RE: Ziroli F6F Hellcat Builder's Diary

Plans are on the table! Went to start the first wing construction yesterday and got snagged on the very first part! Hopefully no harbinger of the build to come, but I suspect not.[8D]

Lynn and I talked extensively (mostly cause I'm a flip-flopper--thanks for the patience Lynn) about which way to piece or panels. As storage no issue, decided one piece, then as I got the kit parts together and on the plans realized that about every intention of the kit parts and the builder's manual is dedicated to the panels, so I looked over the tube insert design real well, and found many more advantages to the design as it's pretty bulletproof it appears, the tube inserting into the thick maple block at it's base and routed through all the ply inner ribs. It's not going to go anywhere. Further, I thought of my beloved, or dxxxed, Spit wing and it's center section destruction causing a whole new wing to be built and said, "maybe panels are in fact the right way" panels it is! The wing can be removed as one piece anyway, so it seems almost counter-intuitive now to join them, especially as the tube is like a weapon in the kit box! If it doesn't get used here, I've had some septic issues I'll save it for in the's like that.

That done....finally a bit of wing later while the glue is drying on the Bears.

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