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Default RE: Ziroli F6F Hellcat Builder's Diary

Todd and Lawrence, Excellent looking birds! Lawrence, funny you put that picture up, as it's one of the ones we looked over real good in the beginning to scout out schemes and detail levels, and said, like that one! Since, have been evaluating benefits of different color schemes and setups. Not a permanent decision yet.

I got the first parts laid out on the board yesterday for the wing center section and had to do some fiddling with the rib slots to get them tight and fitting properly, but minimal again. There will be a bunch of reinforcement done to the the retract bays which I got a start on last night and will continue today. I'll get some pics up so you guys can check out the techniques involved. Should be a nice setup in there.

One thing of note is that the kit seems a little more complete than the Bearcats did in that there's a builder's manual and wood is included for some items that it wasn't included for in the Bearcat kits, like shear webs, and servo mount wood. We'll see how much sheeting is in there for the planking and wing sheeting jobs. Both of the previous kits were short by enough to have to go out and get extra. I'm ready for however it works out with lots of extra wood on hand[8D] again now.

I love how the wing ribs are already drilled for the wires and air lines on this one! Can keep the Forstner bits in the case this time..
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