Last year I bought a micro 4-site for flying in the dome over the winter. While the plane was fun, I wasn't pleased with its instability in high alpha harrier type moves and in hover. It simply wouldn't lock in or be stable in these manuvers.
I already knew about the Dynex Nano 2.4 from from the forums, and bought one from my LHS for $32.
I swapped out my 4-sites flight gear and found the complete plane weighed about the same as the 4 site did. I also added some custom stripes with a sharpie to make it easier to see in the not brightly lit dome.
At the dome, it flew much differently than the 4-site. In short it was VERY stable in high alpha moves, and nearlyhands freein hover after I added a bit of down and right thrust to the motor mount. In other moves it flew like you would expect a 3d plane to, with excellent rudder authority allowing easy knife edge and roughtly 7ft diameter knife edge loops. After many crashes the area under the prop got fairly damaged, so I tripled the foams thickness there using scraps of foam from the kit.

All in all, this is one sweet flying plane, and I would recommend it as a good intro to micro 3d flight.

Dean in Milwaukee