I'm very impressed by the quality of this plane. I have never had a plane as pre-assembled as this one, the control horns, servos, and motor are all pre-installed.

I'm hoping this will be a good replacement for my recently defunct excelleron 50 r.i.p. I'm gradually switching out all of my glow models for electric.

My first impression of this plane is that it flies very well although it didn't stay on axis in a roll as well as my excelleron 50(pattern plane) Seems to be a fairly stable, precision capable plane, I had the controls turned way down so it didn't seem overly twitchy or sloppy. With the included esc and motor I was no where close to having unlimited vertical but I plan on swapping the included 13X4 prop for a 13X6 which I heard gives significantly more power without burning anything up. The overall power to weight and top speed was far less than what I was used with the excelleron setup. I was carrying two 14.8V 3000mah batteries to quickly balance out the plane though, so adding lead as far forward as possible and removing one pack should improve the power to weight a bit. The 3000mah battery was good for at least 6 minutes, but with the balance issue I would probably get 3500mah packs if I had it to do again. I wonder how much the 13x6 prop will effect my flight time.