In the summer of 1996 I asked a prominent pilot TOC Champion to fly my first giant scale aerobatics plane to tell me what it needed. I looked at his thumbs as he moved them around- doing torque rolls, rolling loops, spins, avalanches and every other maneuver in the book at the time. I could not figure out what he was doing, but I knew I wanted to learn.

Over the years I've picked up on how to do 3D maneuvers. Branwell and I got ourselves some 40% Aeroworks G-202's and I was hooked. I continued in sequence flying predominantly while Branwell continued 3D for the most part. We torque rolled til we dipped the tails in the pond, corn stalking and a young guy named John who is now quite a good flyer himself.

I've got so many questions over the years, on the IMAC forum, RC Online, RC Universe (you'll also see some vintage posts on GSAL). A lot of people nagged me to put together a video. I like talking. So here it is. Not a lot of stick movement shots but a lot of detailed discussion talking through the inputs- like I'm standing next to you coaching you. The video Brad and I put together covers both precision setup and flying (about 75%) and 3D (about 25%).

For example, did you know you put the same basic inputs to do a torque roll as you do for a slow roll? Cover this in detail. How to use the simulator most effectively. Did you know there is a separate rudder trim for optimum 3D flight (i.e., to keep harriers and pop-ups straight at entry).

Any case, here is the thread if you are interested in this video- background and info on it. At a few gigs, Its much better resolution on a 2 DVD set, thanks to my wife for managing me on this.