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jc4me2 12-10-2003 01:30 PM

Best little electric 3D'er
I'm lookin for a 3D machine that I don't have to take all the way to the field, but I can't practie with it in the park. I'm willing to scratch or kit build it, I don't really want an ARF.
Thanks, Jordan

RCAV8R3 12-10-2003 02:29 PM

RE: Best little electric 3D'er
Try the Vertigo 3D, it was designed by Jason Noll, and you can buy it at radical r/c. I have one and love it, it will just about any 3D manuever.


Rob Kelly 12-10-2003 06:00 PM

RE: Best little electric 3D'er
Give one of these a try, they are a real blast! I drive 30 seconds to the ball field down the street to fly.


Rob Kelly

jc4me2 12-10-2003 09:02 PM

RE: Best little electric 3D'er
I found the Foamy Factory website, I'll build a modified Ultimate. Thanks, Jordan

toddh 12-10-2003 09:15 PM

RE: Best little electric 3D'er
Hey Jordon, the little ultimate flys great I would go with that with the lipo batt.

See ya, Todd

How was the move?I bet it is a lot better weather there!!

acidfenix 12-10-2003 09:31 PM

RE: Best little electric 3D'er
The Verti-go 3D is the coolest plane since sliced bread.My friend and I have one and have only been flyin 4 months.My buddy is a natural thanx to the forgiveness of the Verti-go.He put a brushless on it with a gws gear ratio and it screams.Dave Thacker ,owner of Radical R/C was impressed when he saw it fly.But if anyone has info on where to get an ultimate profile i would appreciate a reply.Also for those who dont like ARF's the verti-go is a laser cut balsa kit that you do have to build and skin yourself.But when skinning remember to use Nelsons Lite-film because it is the lightest and best for the plane.Anyone woh wants to know more on the verti-go just ask.Or go to Radicalrc.com

hroachen 12-11-2003 12:05 AM

RE: Best little electric 3D'er
If you haven't seen the Shockflyer yet, have a look:



santi 12-11-2003 12:35 AM

RE: Best little electric 3D'er
hey where can i get one of those Shockflyer? i need to get one of those. Do you know what kind of set up the plane needs? I want to start purchasing.


hroachen 12-11-2003 04:33 AM

RE: Best little electric 3D'er
Ikarus USA has them, but they'll probably sell out pretty quick. They sell a motor/gearbox setup for the plane, but the one in the video uses a homemade brushless outrunner motor and a two cell 340mah Kokam SHD pack.

jc4me2 12-11-2003 09:48 AM

RE: Best little electric 3D'er
The move went fine Todd, hows your BIG Ultimate coming? Does anyone know anything about Kokams new $30 charger? Looks like the way to go to me. Go to foamyfactory.com for the Ulty profile. They also have a profle Yak 54, and another one. Jordan

stdun 12-11-2003 10:25 AM

RE: Best little electric 3D'er
Very soon Morris Hobbies should have an all EPP electric flyer available. The neatest part is that it should be very hard to smash and destroy it because it's mostly foam. Keep checking the at Morris Hobbies as they thought it would be available soon.

JohnVH 12-12-2003 12:25 AM

RE: Best little electric 3D'er
This one rocks, I seen Mark fly it at the Hobby Visions show, Im getting one!!


Dhominator 12-12-2003 03:55 PM

RE: Best little electric 3D'er
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You gotta check out the SouthernX2!!! The construction is way too cool, almost indestructible :D

Video that started the craze... http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showt...5&pagenumber=1
SouthernX2 part 2... http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showt...5&pagenumber=1
SouthernX2 build thread (Mark Roberts kit)... http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showt...hreadid=171930



Staudacher 12-12-2003 09:33 PM

RE: Best little electric 3D'er
I like the 40" Ultimate from foamyfactory.com. I'm using a Himax 2025 on a GWS D gearbox with a 12x8 Prop. Kokam 1500 lipoly battery. Here is a picture. [link=http://www.happyhangar.com/displayimage.php?pid=1071&fullsize=1]Ultimate Hover[/link]

Abraxxas 12-13-2003 10:00 PM

RE: Best little electric 3D'er
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I'm building a 3DX and an Ultimate, both from foamyfactory.com. Just got my depron a couple days ago so I have everything now... here a a couple pics of what I have so far. Still coming up with ideas to finish coloring the rest of it :D


Dewey2 12-13-2003 11:53 PM

RE: Best little electric 3D'er
hi dos anybody know of someone who builds kits of the foamy bipe and yak . i want one of each just don't feel like building it if it will work with a hacker 20l with a gear box. thanks for any help

mc71 12-14-2003 08:31 AM

RE: Best little electric 3D'er
There is nothing to do to get them to "kit" stage.

You cut out the bits!

10 mins to make cardboard templates for the pieces.

15-20 mins to cut the pieces out.

10 mins to install the carbon rods.

10 mins to glue in the wing and tail.

30 mins of contemplation between each step.

You can have a plane in under 1 1/2 hrs if you follow Tims well thought out plans.

I can have a bipe ready to fly in one night.

They are great fun and very expendable


Dewey2 12-14-2003 11:40 AM

RE: Best little electric 3D'er
i know but don't want to order the foam . i would like to buy a kit from somebody that has some extra foam and don't care to sell a kit to me. i would pay good for one of each.

mc71 12-14-2003 03:45 PM

RE: Best little electric 3D'er
I understand. But once you fly one of these foamys all you'll want is more. There was somrone selling kits on ebay without Tim's approval, I think Tim had some mafia guys find him and whack him for it though.

Darek B who has also given alot to 3D foamies is producing kits, performance would be similar to foamy factory designs there is a post about them here with other links [link=http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?s=2a7b123cb65c2158e0683ea44f2bc9fd& threadid=167914]flat foam[/link].

Have fun


sloanfs 12-14-2003 03:52 PM

RE: Best little electric 3D'er
Prophanger, Check out this one [link=http://hometown.aol.com/leadingedgerc/t.html]http://hometown.aol.com/leadingedgerc/t.html[/link]
Heres a video of mine flying indoor

Av8er Tim 12-15-2003 07:53 PM

RE: Best little electric 3D'er
Hey guys,

Here is Josh Glavin flying my new 40" Yak 54 http://www.cafreestyle.com/Videos/3D/FFYak54.wmv (not for the bandwidth impared though, 42mb video) He realy puts it through the wringer and make this little bird sing...

Tim H.

jc4me2 12-15-2003 09:54 PM

RE: Best little electric 3D'er
Where is the best place to get depron, and how much is it? How much do I need? Jordan

hotdogx 01-08-2004 09:35 PM

RE: Best little electric 3D'er
I've been looking around the forums for several weeks now at 3D electrics and there are quite a few that look good, but man, I have to tell you, after seeing the video of the Tempest, that has got to be the best flying 3D plane I have seen yet, and I've watched a LOT of videos! Of course, I'm sure the pilot has a big hand in it also; very nice flying. This plane looks like it's completely happy in any 3D attitude/manuever, not just being forced into them. For me personally, I really like the looks of the design also. Good show!

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