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jmboss 11-05-2002 12:25 AM

DP Extra 330L or GP PW 300S
To All,

Now that the Great Planes Patty Wagstaff 300S ARF has been out for a while, how does it compare with the Dave Patrick 330L Extra ARF?

Construction Pros and Cons? Parts fit?

Flight Pros and Cons? Which plane flies "bigger" or better?

Which plane would a relative newcomer find easier to fly?

I plan to use a Taurus TS 42 or TS 52 for power.

Thanks for any info.


3dbatixkid 11-06-2002 04:02 AM

DP Extra 330L or GP PW 300S
The Dave Patrick Extra is MUCH better. Bigger control surfaces, lighter wing loading, better construction...the list goes on. You will be very very very happy with the DP Extra.

Norman Oliver 11-06-2002 05:04 AM

DP Extra 330L or GP PW 300S
Agree here... Wagstaff's great scheme and finish, but heavy and not 3D capable....

SMALLFLY- 11-06-2002 12:51 PM

DP Extra 330L or GP PW 300S
Have you guy's even seen a GP wagstaff, All posts for the dave patrick have it coming in at 16 lbs or so with a gasser. My PW extra weighs 15.5 with a 50 gasser. The control surfaces are plenty big for 3D with long servo arms. The DP extra is infamous for aileron flutter. No reports on that from a GP extra. The GP is better looking.
Buy what you like,.. there is not going to be all that much difference, there both extra's, there both about the same size, there both in similar weight ranges and they will both fly about the same.
It's not best just because that's what you bought or what I bought for that matter.
Read all of the threads on both airplanes by doing a search, there is plenty to read

John Wells 11-06-2002 02:38 PM

DP Extra 330L or GP PW 300S
I suppose the only way we'll ever know is to have a talented 3-D flyer set up both correctly, then try the maneuvers. I wish someone out there could do it and report back!

3dbaticks kid, if you are the person that made the DP 330 video, how did you get that Moki to run like that. I've tried feeding mine skittles, mountain dew, 15% nitro and everything else. It won't pull in vertical like that, even with a mejzlik 19X8! :)


3dbatixkid 11-07-2002 05:15 AM

DP Extra 330L or GP PW 300S
Yeah, thats my video. Other things to try are different props. Mine pulled fine with the Mejzlik, I used a 3W 20x8 and it pulled better, and I have a Bambula on the way to try out (also a 20x8).


There is going to be a big difference. I know for a fact that the DP Extra will be about the same weight as the GP, if not lighter. I have seen a Dp Extra with a Brisson 3.2 on it that weights 15.6 lbs. I also saw one with a BME 50 that weighted LESS than mine!! It was 14.5 lbs. Mine is about 15.

The extras are about the same size, but the wing loading for the GP is higher. Mine came out to 28 oz. per sq. ft., and the GP site says 31 for the Wagstaff.

Just my thoughts. If I can find someone that has the Wagstaff, i will try to con them into letting my fly it. :)

Razorback58 11-19-2002 10:55 PM

DP Extra 330L or GP PW 300S
Hey 3Dbatixkid, somehow I missed out on the video. Could you please give me the link to it? (or anyone for that matter) I would sure appreciate it!

3dbatixkid 11-19-2002 11:18 PM

DP Extra 330L or GP PW 300S
the site is www.3dbatix.com and the video is under videos on the left side.

southerngent 11-20-2002 12:59 AM

DP Extra 330L or GP PW 300S
I wonder if the original poster meant these planes to be compared in 3D or was he actually asking how they compared in flying. Contrary to popular belief.... Airplanes actually do or used to fly. I myself would like to hear a comparison on the 2 planes flight regimes.
Anyone care to share those facts? Please?


mrc100 11-20-2002 01:27 AM

DP Extra 330L or GP PW 300S
That Don't make NO sense.

southerngent 11-20-2002 01:40 AM

DP Extra 330L or GP PW 300S
I simply was asking how the planes compared in flying characteristics....... I could care less how they hover or how they torque roll..... or any other 3D maneuver.
Can anyone compare them precision flying and or sport flying?

Does one seem to snap deeper then the other? one have more pitch or roll coupling? one just feel smoother then the other?
Does one land better then the other?
you know simple flying stuff !


Bob Pastorello 11-20-2002 03:19 AM

DP Extra 330L or GP PW 300S
Permit me to barge in and offer my penny's worth. I have owned, and flown BOTH of these airplanes, very similarly equipped.
The DP Extra with a Taurus 52 and coreless MG servos all around was 15 lbs. 12 oz. Flew fine, but for MY taste and Talent (or lack) control surfaces were WAY oversized. It flew VERY well for precision work, right up to the fatal, and inexplicable crash.

The GP Wagstaff Extra is equipped with all JR Digitals, and a ZDZ 50 w/ Bisson muffler. It weighs in at 15 lb 14 oz. So NO ONE is going to discern a 2 oz weight difference on a 15 lb + plane. NO WAY.

Performace. Very similar.
Appearance. Very similar.
Workmanship. GP Extra, hands down.
3D capability - DP Extra, no doubt. That's what it was built for. but the GP ain't no dog, neither....

Since I've OWNED and FLOWN both....if someone GAVE me a choice of a free one of my choosing....well...it would be the GP Wagstaff, simply because it is constructed more solidly and withstands the rogors of my lack of finesse better.

But hey, it's all opinion on this forum, no????

Geistware 11-20-2002 11:24 AM

DP Extra 330L or GP PW 300S
I knew from your site you had own both.
I was wondering when you would chime in! :D

krayzc-RCU 11-20-2002 12:06 PM

DP Extra 330L or GP PW 300S

thanks for bring knowledge to the table....
long love your GP 300 :D

Bob Pastorello 11-20-2002 12:19 PM

DP Extra 330L or GP PW 300S
Thank you!

Southergent - these are both REAL airplanes, and they are NOT limited to the flippity floppity Non-Flying....they have wings, and stabs, and shape, and they can, and DO fly very graceful manuevers.

You can get crazy with both...the DP lends itself better to that because of those ridiculously-oversized and over-controlled control surfaces. Who needs that?

The GP, although you can dial up all that stuff to do the herky-jerky, tumblety peg junk, it was designed for what I believe to be very smooth aerobatics. It's completely capable of all the bizzarre non-flying maneuvers....but I think it is at it's best doing what we're accustomed to seeing real airplanes do most.

I'm not bashing 3D folks, nor 3D "maneuvers", just giving my less-than-two-cents' worth opinion after having both.

Bottom line - the DP has control surfaces that are too flimsy, too large, and a structure that is NOT as rigidly constructed as the GP. For example, the DP elevators are almost 70% of the total stab area, when you consider the counterbalance. The GP, a more conservative 55-60%. (By the way - we ALL know that until a few years ago, NO one would go over 30% of area as a movable control surface.....who'd a thunk 60% would be "conservative">>>>>>???)

southerngent 11-20-2002 11:34 PM

DP Extra 330L or GP PW 300S
Thanks for your input Bob,
I too wasn't bashing 3D...... I i really wanted a flying comparison between the two planes.
It is frustrating that you ask about a plane and all you can get is 3d hovering responses. :rolleyes:

Thank you for your time


mrc100 11-21-2002 12:21 AM

DP Extra 330L or GP PW 300S
By the way; my response was only to get a few grins. I only have the DP out of the two planes asked about. I've fat fingered a few things in my time for sure.

No harm intended ...

Take care.


crazyray 11-26-2002 01:07 AM

DP Extra 330L or GP PW 300S

Can you post a pic of the ZDZ 50 on your PW Extra w & w/o a cowl? What mods to the firewall did you make?


Bob Pastorello 11-26-2002 01:42 AM

DP Extra 330L or GP PW 300S
crazyray - no firewall mods AT ALL. No holes needed. Just mounted the standoffs I made (also bought some from Roger Forques, "Aerografix", excellent, blue anodized aluminum jobs...gorgeous), and that was that.
Will try to do a photo soon.

crazyray 11-26-2002 02:12 AM

DP Extra 330L or GP PW 300S
Thanks for the info!!!!

Jeff Hendricks 12-23-2002 02:58 PM

DP Extra 330L or GP PW 300S
I just bought the DP extra. I have a BME 50 in it. Flies great. NOt so sure about construction though. That big motor vibrations is starting to wear the airframe. Things are comming loose. Thinking of changing to the Wagstaff. Also, the BME sticks way out of the DP cowl.

Do you think the BME 50 will fit better in the GP Cowl ? Will it handel the vibrations better.

Do you have any vibration problems ? if so, how do yo deal with them ?


Jeff Hendricks 12-23-2002 03:00 PM

DP Extra 330L or GP PW 300S
Anyone got pics of the BME 50 in the cowl of a GP Wagstaff ?

3dbatixkid 12-23-2002 05:52 PM

DP Extra 330L or GP PW 300S
Im tellin ya. The DP airframe is SUPER strong. It can handle a gas without a problem. I think that the GP will handle a gas engine as well, but you will not get the flying characteristics that you get with the DP. The DP is a freestyle and IMAC machine. The GP is only good enough for IMAC.

cubflipper02 12-23-2002 06:58 PM

DP Extra 330L or GP PW 300S
I've been flying a DP with an fpe 2.4 for awhile now,each time I fly the airplane I like it more and more.I've probably got about 100 flights on it and nothing has come loose yet.As far as it not being built tough,thats just not true,Twice I've had deadsticks that resulted in less then smooth landings(picture doing an elevator down to the ground without power to flare out),both times I hit the ground so hard the gear bent all the way up to the bottom of the wings,both times there was zero damage to the airframe,the gear box on this thing is built like a tank.All I had to do was bend the gear back down,fire it back up and fly.I've got a GP PW in the box still,and I agree that it looks like it will fly imac well,but I'm really not sure about the 3D stuff.As far as the ongoing flutter argument about the DP goes,in my view this is a funfly airplane that looks like a big extra,and that is how I fly it.Never go above 3/4 throttle in level flight(dont need to anyway),throttle management is an absolute must,especially on downlines.Also,with the throws knocked way back and lots of expo,this is also a great imac machine.Very precise.

krayzc-RCU 12-24-2002 12:48 AM

DP Extra 330L or GP PW 300S
i logged a couple of flights on my Dave Patrick Extra today. I am running 3-8411 ailerons rudder/hitec 5625 elevators, Brison 3.2 swinging a Menz 22 x 8, 2700NMhi receiver, 1650 NMhi ingition. This is one sweet flying plane. My balance is a 6" it needs a very slight amount of elevator stick push to maintain inverted flight. I am running 15/20 degrees on the ailerons, 10/40 degress on the elevator. If a person hates building this is one hard to beat machine. I also built from sticks and foam the Aeroworks Edge 29% running the above set-up except 5-8411 vise 3. i have over 245+ flights on the edge. The DP has less than 25 on it, even though its the 1st batch of Extra Dave put out.....

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