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kwboost 01-21-2007 11:59 AM

Nitro Models Extra 330 90 - 63"
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Checking Nitro Models website ran across this Extra 330 90 - 63". Sale price 134.95. I ordered for a practic "bang around 3d plane".
My original plan was to out fit it with some futaba standard digital servos I had laying around and power it with an old magnum 46.
First off let me say that Nitro Models was on point at getting the ARF to me promptly. Ordered it online on a tuesday came in the following Monday. Theyalso e-mailed me with order status.
Upon first inspection this plane is larger than I expected. 46 ain't gonna cut it. Quality seems very good. Built fairley light. 5.5lb with everything except motor and tank. This plane looks very similar to my old fliton edge 540 freestyle. It is a little larger but the building design, control surface, layout is very similar. Love the colorscheme and quality of covering job. but I am sceptic of how well this type of covering will hold up.
I am curently looking for the best (economy) engine. Would Like to go saito 100 but this is still abudget build. Looking at the GMS 76. Would this work well? I want to 3d but It doesn't have to be way overpowered. Enough to hover and practice most 3d manuvers.

Here are the specs.

Wing span: 63 in / 1600mm
Wing area: 713sq in /46 sq dm
Flying weight: 6.6 lb / 3000g
Fuselage length: 60 in / 1520mm
Engine Required: 4c 0.91 cu in
Radio Required: 4channels,5servos

The only thing I did different in the build is:
Used different Landing gear. The stock one is waaaay tooshort. I think you would be limited to 12" prop max!!
I used the gear off of my crashed fliton edge. Slight modification and it worked perfectly.
Also I installed to micro servo on each elevator half. I used hobbico cs-12 ( around 35oz torque)
Stock is a weird belcrank assembly with a single servo mounted in middle of fuse.

Here are some pics.

kwboost 01-21-2007 12:03 PM

RE: Nitro Models Extra 330 90 - 63"
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kwboost 01-21-2007 12:07 PM

RE: Nitro Models Extra 330 90 - 63"
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A few more

schalmoseley 01-29-2007 07:21 PM

RE: Nitro Models Extra 330 90 - 63"
Hey kwboost, i just ordered the 330 90. If you dont mind let me know how your build went. It dosent look like there is much to assemble, but any problems you ran in to would help. I plane on putting my os 91 surpass ll on it and hope all goes well. I like the color sceam of the covering, thats the main reason i ordered it. You think it would be to small to put a smoke system on it.[sm=confused.gif]

kwboost 01-30-2007 12:14 AM

RE: Nitro Models Extra 330 90 - 63"
The color scheme is what sold me too[8D]. I am ordering the engine this week. Depending on how eager I get I may rush delivery and fly this weekend. We'll see. As for the smoke system GO FOR IT! I don't think the plane is too small. One of my fellow clumb members told me tower had a deal on the magnum .90 4c. i'll check that out but I am still leaning toward gms .76
Keep me posted on your progress.
Oh yeah you may want to look at finding a taller landing gear. I think stock is waay too short.

JustErik 01-30-2007 10:38 AM

RE: Nitro Models Extra 330 90 - 63"

I'm sure you know what you're doing, but are you sure your elevator servos are up to the task? You've got a bird weighing in the vicinity of 7 pounds and using two micro servos on the elevator halves? The elevators are very generously proportioned and while the torque rating MIGHT be adequate, what about the gears in those servos? A couple of violent maneuvers and they might easily strip. Also, with those long arms and having the push rod so close in on the elevator horn, you have very little mechanical advantage, meaning that flight loads and little bumps against the elevator will transmit directly to those fragile gears with magnified force. It's possible to smack an elevator while loading/unloading the plane and break a gear, but not have it totally give out until the plane is airborne and under flight load. I think you might be risking a really nice looking plane with those micros. I don't care for long elevator push rods either, but you might want to reconsider your servo selection. If you stick with the micros, it's probably a good idea to check for slop in the gear train frequently, hopefully averting a failure.

Just my thoughts....

schalmoseley 01-30-2007 11:01 AM

RE: Nitro Models Extra 330 90 - 63"
kwboost, let me know how it flies if you get the motor in time, oh and about the motor i herd really good things about the magnum engines except the throtle response (not so good,). But i gess for the money you really cant beat it! I would sujest the os .91 if its in your budjet, ive never had a engine more reliable than it as far as glow motors. I also noticed the funtana wing in the backround, i'm pulling all my gear out of my funtana and putting in the extra. Not that the funtana isnt a good plane(infact i love mine) but there is three other funtanas at my club. i just wanted to show up at the feild with somthing no one else has.

maineflyer 01-30-2007 12:22 PM

RE: Nitro Models Extra 330 90 - 63"
I am anxious to hear how it flys as well and the all up weight. I might like one for a Saito 1.00. How is the kit quality compaired to the Fliton Extra? The bottom of the fuse looks a little weak from the pics.
The Magnum .91 works very well but will be taxed to the max to do any 3d on a 6.75 lb airplane. I have 2 of them on a GP giles 202 (kit) and a Katana 70 profile and the Kat will hover at WOT with little to pull it out. I have played with different props and find a 15x4W APC gives the best thrust. For the money they are very hard to beat.

kwboost 01-30-2007 04:39 PM

RE: Nitro Models Extra 330 90 - 63"
Thanks for your suggestions. I wasn't too happy with the mechanical advantage of the servos at the time of the picture. I plan on making some adjustments to get everything 90deg with the best mech. advantage. Any suggestions on an alternative elevator set up would be appreciated. Keep in mind I want to 3d but on a budget so weight is a big concern because it will be powered with a cheaper lower output engine.

Saito 100 :D thats the engine for this plane. I had one but I sold it for $150. What was I thinking [:@] Never sell a saito.
Even beter would be saito 125. Couple ounces heavier much more power. I would love to go with this engine but I want to keep it low cost. I have other planes that I plan to sink more money in. Thanks for the info on the magnum .91 I will do some more research. It may not be a good choice for 3d in this plane. As it looks right now if I go with a engine at 25oz range the auw is gonna be more like 7lb. I may need to try to find ways to shed some wieght.

pnr 02-07-2007 09:35 PM

RE: Nitro Models Extra 330 90 - 63"
I am in the build process also. If it flies as good as it looks ( quality and appearance ) I will be very happy. Mine did not come with a bellcrank for the elevator. The directions are very vaque but it appears from the hardware provided that the intent is to run a single control rod from the elevator servo to two rods via a wood dowel. Then both those control rods out to each elevator half. Am I correct in this? I am going to run an SK .80 it a 13 x 6 prop. You guys think it will hover with this setup?

schalmoseley 02-08-2007 12:20 AM

RE: Nitro Models Extra 330 90 - 63"

Just recieved mine moday (only took 4 days to come from califonia) and the quality looks good and you are right the directions suck, the explain nothing!!!!! Your right about using the wood dowle. atleast thats how i did mine. I don't like the way thats set up, i might just run two servos later on, but for now the wood dowle with have to do. Kwboost, I didn't have any problems with the landing gear being to short though, i put a 15x6 prop on the os and its proubly got 1" 1/2" to spare. I'm finished with everythine except the wing servos, hopfully the maden flight will be this weekend. Oh and by the way, i had a lot of trouble with the wing tube fitting into one wing. just had to sand the end of the fiberglass tube and use some wd-40 to get it in.

schalmoseley 02-08-2007 12:43 AM

RE: Nitro Models Extra 330 90 - 63"
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just a few build pics

kwboost 02-08-2007 12:46 AM

RE: Nitro Models Extra 330 90 - 63"
I got my engine in tonight. GMS .76 Hope it works out well:eek: I did have the same problem with the wing tube. I just kept working it until it slid in and out. I still have to use moderate force to remove the wings but I'm sure it will get better with time. I am a little too tierd to work on it tonight but tomorrow I plan to finish it up. I should have a flight report this weekend.

schalmoseley 02-10-2007 01:38 PM

RE: Nitro Models Extra 330 90 - 63"
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finaly done with the build. Hope to fly tomarro, weather permiting. But for you other guys building the same plane, i used an os .91 4-stroke wieghing in at 24 oz.. To balance the plane at the recomended cg (127mm or 5") i had to put My dual batterys at the front of the plane and still added 6oz of lead. That makes me think now, I can go with a bigger engine like a os 120. It wieghs in at 33 oz. and has about 1/2 hp more than the 91. Any way, just a thought for you guys who havent got a motor yet.

kwboost 02-11-2007 12:50 AM

RE: Nitro Models Extra 330 90 - 63"
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Ok, Finished my extra tonight also. Maiden tomorrow if weather permits. AUW is 6lb 14oz. wish it was a bit lighter, but we'll see how it flies. The gms .76 is also about 24 oz with muffler. She balanced a bit tail heavy. I put the rx batt right next to the engine and tank is directly behind engine in motor box. It balanced about 1/4" behind rec. cg. I think it will be fine as most of my 3d planes are tail heavy.
My biggest concern is how well this engine will run inverted.

pnr 02-11-2007 06:40 PM

RE: Nitro Models Extra 330 90 - 63"
I can not figure out how this tailwheel is to attach to the rudder. Can anyone post some close up pics of your set up for me? Thanks

kwboost 02-11-2007 07:25 PM

RE: Nitro Models Extra 330 90 - 63"
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Made 4 flights today. This plane is awesome:D. Today was a bit windy 20-30mph gusts (the usual here in northeastern new mexico).
2 clicks left aileron had her trimmed straight and level. C.G. perfect
Take off is very straight foward, throttle and go. she tracks straight.
The plane flies smooth as a pattern bird at about half throttle. Good lengh of the field point rolls and slow rolls.
Knife edge needed about 5% mix of up elevator. Rudder had plenty of authority, even with the low torque futaba s3151
Even did a few high alpha knife edge at about 15mph or so. looked awesome.
Wasn't completely confident in motor, brand new so idle is still a little inconsistant.
Did one inverted flat spin but the wind blew me out. I'm confident this plane will flat spin well. I'll just wait for a calmer day and when I have more fuel through the engine.
Torque roll was nice although the wind was blowing it sideways.
Harrier roll is unbeleivable:D this plane is as easy if not easier to harrier roll than my 27% gp cap. So easy to keep the nose up in any attitude. With all the wind I was harrier rolling while the plane was moving backwards at about 10mph!!
harriers inverted rock solid, upright very, very mild wing rock.
Landings are effortless. Had one dead stick it was at about 40ft inverted harrier. Rolled her over glided in for feather soft landing.
Needless to say I LIKE THIS PLANE!!!!!;) ALOT
The GMS .76 seems like a good combo. does have enough power to hover, but pull out is marginal. With some more break in it may be perfect. Just needs about 5-10% more power
I might get bashed for saying this, but in my opinion this plane at $130 blows my old $220 flighton edge freestyle away in performance.
We shot some video. my friend who shot it says he should have it edited later this week.

here's a pic of my tailwheel

pnr 02-11-2007 08:02 PM

RE: Nitro Models Extra 330 90 - 63"
Thanks fo rhte flight report and tailwheel pic. I do not have that bracket on the rudder, I will have to make one up. I can not wait until the 4 feet of snow melts here so I can start flying [:@]

schalmoseley 02-12-2007 12:45 AM

RE: Nitro Models Extra 330 90 - 63"
well, i got to fly mine sunday and i can't say it went as well as kwboost's report. only got two flights in, the first the plane was to tail heavy(atleast for me)so i moved it to 4 1/2". The seccond flight was good until i saw somthing shinny fall off and dangle from the plane in mid flight. Then the o.s. dead sticked, thankfully i wasn't far from the runway and glided back down. The shiny object was the pipe, mabey i should have used more lock-tight:(. I gave up for the day and decided my nerves had enogh for the day. Any way i guse i try again next sunday[&o].

shakol1 02-12-2007 10:11 PM

RE: Nitro Models Extra 330 90 - 63"

did you have a problem inserting the tube from the wings.
pls. advice

kwboost 02-13-2007 12:53 PM

RE: Nitro Models Extra 330 90 - 63"
I did have problems with the wing tube. I put a light coat of grease on the tube and just kept working it through. It still is a bit tight but I won't break it during installation and removal.

rgdea 02-24-2007 11:08 AM

RE: Nitro Models Extra 330 90 - 63"

I purchased the same plane and i was surprised by the quality of the plane. The plane does require for you to make some minor corrections and the instructions dont help to much, but with a little imagination you can figure it out. Im in the building process and like you said, the wing tube has a very tight fit in the wings. To fix this I sanded the inside of the wing and now the wing tube slides in and out without a problem (Be careful not to over do it ). I just finished mounting my two servos on the wings, and im moving forward to install the pull pull on the rudder. Could you guys post pictures of the elevator setup? Im not there yet, but want to get some ideas on how to set mine up.


RVM 02-24-2007 02:14 PM

RE: Nitro Models Extra 330 90 - 63"
Hmm this plane looks like a perfect candidate for the Saito 1.25. :D I may have to get this plane. At only $140 it's a steal if it is as good as you guys are saying.

kwboost 02-24-2007 09:34 PM

RE: Nitro Models Extra 330 90 - 63"
Just an update on my extra 330.
Plane flies very well at 6lb 14 oz. I gotta a chance fly it in calmer weather. Flies awesome but with no wind the wing loading start to show. If this palne was about 6lb even I think it would float a little more. Have to be careful when doing slow pop ups. If I'm the slightest bit late on throttle she'll drop a wing. Thats the only negative otherwise this is one awesome plane.

With a saito 125 it will be about the same weight with about 30-40% more power. Balistic:D:D:D I think this would be the best possible engine for this plane!!!

pnr 02-24-2007 10:00 PM

RE: Nitro Models Extra 330 90 - 63"
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This is my pull / pull setup.

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