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Default RE: Fuel proofing inside of fuselage.

What I do now is use a dauber and a can of Perfect paint.

The dauber is a wool blob on the end of a twisted wire handle. I've got some house wiring wire that's heavy enough and bendable and wire it to extend the dauber's handle and give better control.

I bend the handle so the dauber can easily be placed against the back of the bulkheads (where you can't see nothing) and do them first. It's fairly easy to feel where you're painting even if you can't see where you're painting.... chuckle When I've gotten all the hidden nooks and crannies, I straighten the handle out and do the rest.

It took about 15-20 minutes for my .46 sized Warhawk the other night. My very accurate scales say that I added almost zip for weight. Maybe a tenth of an ounce. No runs out any holes, but maybe the firewall and fuse seams were better for this model.

I throw away the dauber when I'm done. I got a bag of them from a leather place that's like Tandy Leather and they cost about a quarter each I think. The wool makes a very good brush head. It's easy to control the flow. They do leave some chaff at first, but who cares.

The Perfect paint seems to be pigmented lightly. I've got red and white and cure somewhat transparently when brushed on. I remember airbrushing something with one of them and got lots better pigment "coverage" after that cured. But what the heck. One coat seems quite adequate for fuelproofing to the degree needed.
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