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Default RE: Sterling kits (Rimfire, Lancer, & Lancer SL62)?


To add a plane to the SPA list is simple... just email Mickey Walker with your documentation and once approved, it is added. You can get his email address from the SPA site.

As for the Sterling Rimfire.. it is one of the most accurate airplanes I've ever flown .. but.. it is a pilot's airplane.. you even think about slowing this puppy down on final and she will snap herself into a little ball!!! I've had and sold two... and neither lasted more than 10 flights after I sold it. Somehow most guys don't get the "DON'T SLOW IT DOWN" thing... The Rimfire tracks beautifully and is one of the best .40 sized planes I've ever flown. I have two kits for the Rimfire.. and if I EVER get caught up, I'm going to build another one.... I'll post a picture as soon as my computer lets me.... more later...


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