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Default RE: Sterling kits (Rimfire, Lancer, & Lancer SL62)?

ORIGINAL: roncoleman

Per Sterling's 73 catalog the SL62 was design as a pattern aircraft. I wanted to
try a Rimfire back in the day but I watched a guy build a Tri-Pacer and got
turned off to the idea. My building skills were not up to the task at that time
with only a Goldberg Falcon 56 under my belt. Ed, I'm with you on the Rimfire.
It did have the look of being ahead of it's time. As for the SPA aircarft listing
there are a few sport type aircraft listed so getting these added should not be
a problem. Maybe I'll email the catalog to Mickey Walker to see if they will be
added. I did a serach for sterling lancer and found this site. Check it out



It was just a big Lancer with the same constant chord wing planform. I believe what you are saying. I just don't believe it was being marketed as a serious pattern ship. By that time virtually all serious pattern ships were using double or triple tapered wing planforms.

It doesn't matter one way or the other. If it flew like the Lancer, it was a good flying plane.

Who knows, Mickey might add it to the list. I certainly would not object.
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