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Default RE: Here's a Simple & FREE First Foam Build Plan! Cool Looking Plane Too...

Fisher, EO, others...Having given my first cut out foamie parts to a friend who is going to throw stock stryker guts into it, last night I decided to cut out another. I didn't time it but it felt like it took less than thirty minutes....maybe twenty. Using the bandsaw like table hot wire cutter really speeds things up. Simply traced my wood jig outlines onto the foam, rough cut them from the 12x8' sheet of foam using my bow cutter, then cut them out on the table hot wire cutter using the wood jigs guide the wire. Quick and painless. The wing airfoil cut using the bow was even faster and had better results than the first one. Although, I do seem to have trouble keeping both ends of the bow moving in sequence over the two airfoil jigs. That will require a tad bit of sanding on the wing to smooth out a high point or two where one got ahead of the other. However, I'm sure with practice I'll get better at that. I like the trick I read about for cutting wing airfoils out. You mark the two airfoil jigs with numbers. You then get the help of a friend to do the cut. You hold and watch one end of the bow and he does the other. As you both move the bow over the jigs one of you says what number he's on as you do a slow and steady cut. The other guy hears where he should be and speeds up or slows down his end to keep in sequence. Anyway, real happy with how much easier this is getting as time goes on. Am heading out in the garage tonight to do some assembly of the parts.
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