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Default RE: Golden Skies Crossfire

Hey Gang - Maddieone here, I purchased the Crossfire. The plane is absolutely beautiful. Came out of the box in excellent shape with no damage. The covering had some wrinkles, but considering that it is OraCover and came from China that was no big deal. A little time with a heat gun and wrinkles all gone. Taking a close look at the structure, this plane is built like a tank without the weight. The wing is sheeted both top and bottom from the center to half way to the tip and the sheeting is nice and thick not like some planes that you can put your fingers through just picking it up from the bench. The fuse is solid sided not just stringers. The turtle deck is sheeted also. As cahusker said the hardware is excellent and Lee Schantz replaced some of the cheap stuff with good stuff prior to shipping the plane. Have so far done all of the fuse work and it all came out straight and level. I chose to do the tail dragger version. I am now going to do the wing. Yeah, I know I am supposed to follow the manual and do the wing first but my work area is small and the wing takes up a lot of space. The only deviation so far is that I used Pacer hinge glue on the hinge points rather than epoxy. I have used it on a 27% Edge and have had no problems. More to come.
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