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Default RE: Transitional Pitched Prop???

Ok.... getting way too technical here. I have used and still do use a 18 6-10 prop on a Quadra 35 motor in a H-9 100 " Super Cub. After trying several different props I tried the 18-6-10 prop and found it was the best for the airframe/motor combo. What I found in flight was that the plane had the relative speed found with the 10 pitch prop at high throttle and the relative power of the 6 pitch prop at low throttle. Why? I have no F******* clue..... but I do know what the plane does. I also have a GP Super Chipmunk with a 6-10 pitch prop. When I tried the 6 pitch it landed nicely but did not have the speed it should. The 8 pitch prop made it hard to land... ie too fast.... but still did not have the speed. The 10 pitch Prop gave me the speed I wanted but had to stall the plane about 6 inches from the ground to get it to land. ( I since got my flaps working better...LOL) The moral of all this ranting is that the 6-10 pitch prop alows me the speed at full throttle and the power and slow speed at low throttle. Regardless of the engineering and the all the technical mumbo jumbo... the 18 x 6-10 prop works well for me in the two situations I mentioned. try the prop and see what you think verses other props. then use what works best for you.
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