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Default Enya 1.20 question,,, Please help!

Thank you for all the information so far, but it seems I still need to tap the knowledge base here again,,, if I may.

I have a enya 1.20 that is giving me fits, I got it used on a large airplane and it ran but not well. I mothballed it for a while and now I need it for a large Cross Country Contest.

My Question is this: Is there a head gasket used on this engine?

I have completely disassembled it and cleaned it, checking all the parts. When I put it back together I noticed that the intake valve is striking the piston at top dead center when beginning the intake stroke.

I was worried that it was the valve timing, so with help from folks here, I got that set correctly. I have checked and rechecked everything and I don't think anything is out of time.

I believe that the clearance problem can only be due to a missing, though very thin metal head gasket that has been lost sometime before I got the engine.

If this is true then I really do need a little help! Does anyone have or know of someone who could sell me one?

If not could anyone measure their head gasket for thickness and post it here? With that information I could have someone in our club mill me one.

I would also need to know what it is made of, if you can tell.

Does anyone know if there were different thicknesses, for changing the compression ratio?

If there is no head gasket used on this engine, does anyone have any ideas as to why there would be a clearance problem?

I am not sure what vintage the engine is, I didn't see any markings except the 1.20 4c on one side of the cylinder and Enya on the other.

Thank you all in advance for any help with this engine.

MR Flyer57
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