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Default RE: Enya 1.20 question,,, Please help!

Hello Bill,
The pictures are of the 1.20 at tdc on the power stroke and tdc 180 off at the end of the exhaust stroke. The timing is set the same for each picture, I just turned the engine over until it was at tdc and took a look at the timing marks. It seemed that the marks were at a place where some knowledgeable sage might be able to tell if I had missed the timing marks.

The lobes on the cams look a little off from the timing marks (one looks a little more advanced) in the picture, as you pointed out. That might be the answer to why I had contact even with the marks set correctly. Having one of the cam lobes off by a few degrees would cause the strike that I had encountered.

I had been looking for a hight difference not a timing difference, but I still didn't see any markings that would designate one for the intake and the other for the exhaust.

I have included the cam timing information the TimC had so kindly send me in my last cry for help. (thanks again Tim)

Thank you for your interest and help, I'm sure that this is not the end of the story or the last of my questions.

You guys helping is what this hobby is all about, and being on the receiving end makes me very humble. I am deeply in your debt.

Thanks again for everything.

MR Flyer57
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