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Default RE: Enya 1.20 question,,, Please help!


You have what I used to call the “Fat box” Enya, the version in which the gears do not overlap. All of them could have the cams switched if assembled carelessly.

And TWO settings? Not so sir. Even on the later ones with overlapping gears there are three different timing mark sets for normal rotation. You have to know exactly which engine you have to know the right way to put it together. Then add that all Enyas can be timed in another different way to reverse the rotation. Much fun.

Your engine, with the marks aligned and the piston at TDC, should have the lobes pointing out and down as seen in my drawing. After one full turn of the crank, and the piston at TDC again, the lobes should be in the position shown in the drawing you got from TimC. The marks though, will not align again until the second full turn.

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