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Default RE: Enya 1.20 question,,, Please help!

Hello Bill,

Thank you all for your help.
This engine has been running weird for a long time and the list of things that could be making it run badly is long and it will take some time to run them all down.

I have been through a bunch of glow plugs, and keeping them from striking the piston has not been my main concern, though it will be now. My concern was making sure it stuck down far enough to be in the compression chamber. I have been watching the length of the plugs, and I don't think I have had any strikes there.

I do have an original paper gasket between the intake manifold and the head, I just didn't include it in the picture. I also have made new gaskets as replacements for the other places needing gaskets, but none of these seem to be critical as far as needing to be air tight.

I am concerned about the intake manifold to carburetor "O" ring. This looks like there has been a lot of pressure applied to one side of it. By that I mean that while looking into the carburetor you would be able to see a difference in the way the "O" ring was sitting, suggesting that the manifold may not be centered and might be (my worry) off set beyond the rubber "O" rings ability to seal.

The part I don't know and would like advice on is the carburetor. In some of them the spray bar is not solid and is moved to adjust the idle rich setting. This is an air bleed so that should not be a problem. My questions are:

1. Is there any way for air to enter incorrectly, other than the needle threads, or the barrel end?

2. Is there a chance that the spray bar is not sitting correctly? Is it even possible to put it in incorrectly?

3. is there something I'm over looking that would make this engine run inconsistently on the top end and refuse to idle, and just die when it is idled down?

Thanks again for your interest and help,

MR Flyer57
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