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Default RE: Enya 1.20 question,,, Please help!

Your engine cams are the same as my Enya 155. You have the larger R-120 not the small one and it is not timed the same. I believe it is like the copy Bill posted. I will get the timing info and scan it.

Your carb is a very special metering carb and the engine will run best with the low end richer than you would think it should be set. There should be a small black rubber seal around the needle, if not you can get one from MRC for about $.98.

You set the "bleed screw" half way open, start the engine, let it warm up, throttle up and set the high speed needle. Bring it down to a idle, set the low speed screw to give good transition abd raise the idle trim if required.

I always run a Enya #3 in a Enya four stroke.

If you are afraid of an air leak clean the parts with alcohol and use a tiny amount of high temp copper silicone to seal the joints. You can wipe a little silicone around the carb to intake pipe joint after it has been assembled.

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