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Default RE: Enya 1.20 question,,, Please help!


It is entirely possible for o-ring in the carb to have hardened with age, and not be sealing properly. I don’t know how old you are, but unless you’re an old duck the engine (and the o-ring) could be older. Thankfully, most larger hardware stores stock a good supply of o-rings so replacement shouldn’t be hard.

A thin smear of RTV on both sides of the pipe gasket might help also.

Sky has some good suggestions in his post, but I prefer a new o-ring if it’s in question. I agree with his suggested #3 plug.

One thing many “New” Enya owners mess up on is the fuel. Use zero nitro, or no more than 5% nitro blend. And get a fresh jug to try. Old fuel also gives many strange problems.

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