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Default RE: My first gas boat - Comments pls

Thanks all for info.

Few questions:

- Is that Hull really that old? [&:] Does this mean I have a sh..[:@] hull? What are the improvements on this hull with new DeepVee hull types? Remember that I need a hull to handle very rough waters
- GPS: Will a GPS made for US work any where in the world? I need this work in Turkey. Also how will I see the speed if that is built on the hull. Does it have a recording system?
- Engine: If my engine is Homelite 30cc as you mentioned, is that a good engine? Where can I find the specs for that engine?
- Exhaust: Is it OK to keep the exhaust the way it is? With dual exhaust, it should be pretty easy air flow. What does the performance exhaust add to that?
- Props: Did you proposed props after looking at my props or you inform what's ideal? Builder claims these are performance as well. Will it help if I give some measurements (and which measurements) and close up photos.

Please list as much info as possible. It shouldn't really stop you if somebody else made a comment
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