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Default 1/2A Diesel Engines?

Hi, I've been toying with the idea of going diesel - partly to lower the noise level and partly because of the larger props for slow flying. (And yes, I have never heard of anyone else flying diesel around here so curiosity is also a factor). Diesel engines are very, very rare locally but I have finally tracked down a LHS that stocks diesel fuel.

Have 2 options now - a diesel conversion head (Davis or RJL) for one of my AP Wasps OR, I just discovered a LHS that has the Enya 06D-II in stock. Costwise, both work out to be about the same price (and about half the price of a PAW 06). On paper, the Enya is quite a bit heavier (3.4 oz) and a chart I have rates it at .13 h.p. I don't have any specific data on a converted Wasp. I know neither can match the performance of the ball raced PAW, but between the two options, does anyone have any thoughts on which would be preferred?

There's also an Enya 11CXD engine available locally (probably old stock from at least 20 years ago). Once I start playing with diesel, should I just grab this engine to keep for such time that I can find a use for it?

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