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Default RE: 1/2A Diesel Engines?

Thanks guys. Very useful info.

Tim, can I clarify that the correct RJL head that will fit the Wasp is the one precribed for the Cox .049? Looks like a dieselised Wasp will cost a little more, but I'm pretty comfortable with the Wasps and I guess I could always put the head on one of my norvels. Been tempted to get the 11CXD for a while now; pricing is reasonable but not fantastic but then again, the way things are going (or not going) locally diesel wise neither are the odds of obtaining another one NIB in a few years time.

Microengine, thanks for notes - I have 3 of the larger Enyas (.19, .25 and .30) and agree that enyas smaller than .09 do seem to be built quite differently. However, there have been some good reports; saw this on a smallnet post:-

"The only Enya Diesel in the range is of particular interest. My Enya .06 R/C diesel compares very favourably with my PAW 06 R/C, especially on larger prop sizes. In my opinion, my Enya throttles better. The PAW definitely out-performs it on smaller, faster planes. But the Enya lugs the larger ones more realistically. "

Oh, and the PB is AMAZING! (But quite beyond my budget.)

Thanks again guys.
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