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Default RE: 1/2A Diesel Engines?

Thanks everyone. The PB is right up there on the list of stuff I'd love to have but could probably never afford. Then again, RC aircraft & helicopters used to be on that list too......

Hi John, yes, the 11CXD is nice - went down to the shop yesterday to handle it again. ABC construction, the legendary Enya G carb (a BIG attraction!) and 2 ball races! The salesperson couldn't believe I would actually want to buy it to use since its an old Enya (from the original factory) and its a diesel. Guess the pricing here is reasonable (just over about 100USD), but its sobering to think that the engine costs more than either an OS 15CVA or a Norvel .74 both of which probably put out more power at less weight.

Wanted to get the engine to put into a scale Raiden warbird designed for a OS 10 FP (or .10 -.15 engine) that I'm planning to build. Anyone have any thoughts? From what little experience I have with small warbirds, I'm thinking I'd prefer a bigger prop for the plane, especially for the hand launches that have proven a little hairy with small props screaming at high RPMs. Something about the big nose and higher drag, I think.

The Enya 06-II Diesel would certainly cost less than converting one of my Wasps (engine plus diesel head & shipping) and that was really the only attraction. Just realised its a non throttled CL engine too, so I'm a bit less interested. here's a link to the engine: If you're keen and its still available, PM me and we'll see if we can see about getting the engine out to Canberra.
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