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Default Elevons

Don't complicate the function.

-Do a data reset first to make sure you haven't left in an old program. This is a very important function to perform the first time you program a new plane. Think if you left this elevon function in and the next plane on this model number was a normal plane!

-You select the wing type, delta on some radios and elevon on others.

-Then you plug one servo into the aileron channel on your receiver and the other servo into the elevator channel. Most computer radio instructions tell you which servo to plug into which channel. I recall that usually the aileron channel gets the servo in the right wing, but your radio may be reversed to this.

-Hold full up elevator and both control surfaces move up. Down elevator stick and both go down.

-Put in full right and you get right-up and left-down. Full left gives left-up, right-down.

-You may have to play with reversing switches a little to get everything going correctly.

-Don't try to figure out the in between movements, they work.
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